As a retail service inside of District Studios, The Social offers an array of beauty services as well as its flagship skin analysis. This enables them to recommend the very best in beauty products for their clients. Branding itself as fun and innovative, they have created a culture that people want to belong to.

Key Features

A splash of color

The home page incorporates a colourful palette while also maintaining a luxurious look and feel. Subtle animations are also employed sparingly across the site to elevate the experience.

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Menus supercharged

Sometimes, looking for particular service can have you wishing for a website google maps (and perhaps wonder what the heck the web developer was even thinking).

We’ve heard your cries of anguish and bring to you a powerful menu system summarizing what’s on a page – without a single click!

The 'Nutrition Facts' for services

We designed the service pages with just the essentials. Sorry, no wall of text included.

Easy as 1-2-3?

The 4 minute Skin Analysis is at the heart of their innovation. We made it super easy to get acquainted with it by outlining the process in a sequential manner complemented by visual design.